As our studio continues to conflate the practices of sculpture and architecture, we are finding that artistic conception can often give rise to functional outcomes.  Our primary interest is in the relationship between light and geometry, and in this context Conduit is an experiment in space definition.

Users can control the surface of the structure to create an open and visually transparent structure, or contrarily a closed cocoon-like shelter depending on their desired use.

As a studio we want to ask how an artwork can celebrate the connection between the people who will live with it and the landscape that will become its home.   Conduit is an aesthetic, evocative encounter – a mass of geometry fleeing the land and dissipating like a flock of migrating birds or the ebb of a departing tide.   It also creates a sense of place; a seat to rest, to contemplate; a shelter which frames and celebrates the views experienced from within.

Local residents have the opportunity to engrave messages and sentiments onto the internal structure itself – a conduit for the words and feelings of those who will live with it and take ownership of it.

The form incorporates a mass of treated plywood on the interior with locally sourced slate on the exterior.  The dry-stone wall seating element pins the structure to the ground acting as a foundation, yet the lack of adhesive material allows the wall and the entire work to be removed or relocated should the need arise.